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Frequently asked questions

What does the inside of a monitoring station look like ?

What does the inside of a monitoring station look like ?

A typical fixed point monitoring station can vary in size depending upon the pollutants measured. Typically, all analysers will be housed within a 19" rack system, with each analyser connected to a central datalogger (newer stations have dispenced with the central data logger - each analyers stores thousands of measurements directly within its memory from where it is collected by remote telemetry)

Each station will have an air conditioning system as the heat produced by the analsyers is considerable.

A typical setup can be seen in the example .To the left hand racking system can be seen (from top to bottom) the Odessa datalogger, sample inlet filter ports, and then the analysers CO, NOx, SO2,O3 and H2S.

To the right hand rack system can be see (again top to bottom) the chart recorder, PM10 (dust analyser) calibration gas flow regulators, zero air generator outlet line and lastly, the red lights control the various sample pumps.

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