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Index Banded Annual Totals for Swansea:
129 days
41 days
1 day
5 days

Swansea's standalone roadside PM10 dust monitoring stations

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There are currently five"standalone" PM10 dust monitoring stations that are providing data for

Please note that all data is displayed as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and may therefore appear to be 2 hours "old" during the summer months. Also, please note that should the last date/time update show for example " Last updated: GMT 26 Jan 2010 09:00" this means the data displayed is for the period 09:00 to 10:00. The next update will reflect the period 10:00 to 11:00 etc etc

These monitoring stations are located around some of the more busy junctions within Swansea. The monitoring is intended to provide a provisional / screening assessment as the monitors do not comply or show equivalence with reference gravimetric standard.



Monitoring station:
Carmarthen Road


Monitoring station:
Gower Road


Monitoring station:
Port Tennant Road
photograph of monitoring station: Carmarthen Road - illustrative purposes only
photograph of monitoring station: Gower Road - illustrative purposes only
photograph of monitoring station: Port Tennant Road - illustrative purposes only


Situated at the Cross Road junction of Carmarthen Road with Ravenhill Road and Station Road


Located in footway in front of petrol station and within 2m of heavily congested road. Residential properties close to monitoring site

Port Tennant

Sited at the new junction between the SA1 development, Fabian way and Port Tennant road. Analyser is approx 5m from front fašade of terraced properties


Monitoring station:
Uplands Crsecent


Monitoring station:
photograph of monitoring station: Uplands Crsecent - illustrative purposes only
photograph of monitoring station: Westway - illustrative purposes only


Located on footway of heavily trafficked Uplands Crescent. Analyser approx 8m from front fašade of properties

City Centre

Located on footway in front of block of OAP
sheltered housing flats. Site is directly opposite
Quadrant Bus Station and heavily trafficked Westway

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